About RMC

Rig Manufacturing is based out of Northwest Houston, Texas. RMC is an experienced international company with decades of knowledge in the bidding, finance, design/manufacturing process of drilling rigs, fabrication, drilling equipment, parts and drilling fluid additives for the oil & gas and geothermal energy drilling industries. We can offer new drilling rigs, fabrication, drilling equipment, spare parts and fluid additives. We have the ability to meet all of the needs for your drilling program specifications in any part of the world. We have a specialty in helping international customers build drilling rigs and equipment here in the USA from abroad. Rig Manufacturing can provide all types of drilling equipment and drilling rig packages suited for drilling anywhere in the world. With years of experience in the process of drilling rig design and construction we can help you stay on time and within your budget. This experience is useful during the bidding, design, financing, fabrication/construction and shipping process for exporting drilling rigs to operate overseas. In addition we provide quick reliable aftermarket service and support for our customers after these projects are finished and operating overseas.

Our relationships we forge over time with our drilling customers are the most important to us. We believe that if we focus first on making our customer successful that we will then also be successful in return.

Experience in past drilling rig projects include drilling rigs ranging from 750HP through 3000HP. These rigs include power arrangements from mechanically diesel driven, DC-SCR driven and AC-VFD driven. These construction projects include masts, substructures, drawworks, top drives, rotary tables, mud pumps, mud monitoring, rig instrumentation, gas detection, traveling blocks, hooks, rotary swivels, casing stabbing boards, mud tanks, solids equipment, generator sets, SCR houses, doghouses, VFD houses, drillers cabins, fuel tanks, living quarter camps, choke manifolds, standpipe manifolds, Diverters, Annulars, Single RAM BOP, Double RAM BOP, BOP Handling systems, drill line spoolers, hydraulic catheads (Ezy-torque), brake water tanks, water tanks, trip tanks, closing units (Koomey), skidding systems, rig walkers, pipe racks, pipe tubs or bins, iron roughnecks, wire line units, drill pipe, drill collars, pup joints, fishing tools, grasshoppers, catwalks and hydraulically powered pipe handling catwalks.

Our Main Focus at RMC is:
– Land Drilling Rig Package Design & Construction Management (Oil & Gas or Geothermal Energy)
– Drilling Equipment Components Sales/Repair or Packaged
– US Made Aftermarket Drilling Equipment Parts & Drilling Fluid / Completion Additives
– Export Procurement cost plus and Inspection FAT services for international customers

* We currently have procurement contracts and alliances with drilling contractors all over the world with set markups for all drilling equipment parts purchased for long term benefits for both parties. Benefits include record keeping and online documentation/certification services for each rig.

RMC Company Brochures:

 RMC Brochure (Adobe 1.1Mb)
 RMC Parts (Adobe 384kB)
Mud Master HPHT Pistons & Valves (Adobe 500kB)
 Mud Master Shaker Screens (Adobe 340kB)
 Top Drive Service Loops (Adobe 970kB)
 Drilling Fluid & Completion Additives (Adobe 323kB)
 RMC Silica Flour Sand (Adobe 250kB)