Drilling Rig Fabrication

RMC’s design, engineering and fabrication capabilities are tailored towards the oil and gas drilling industry. We are capable of designing for the customer’s specific application or we can provide previously engineered products to support the customer’s needs.

Standards & Pre-Qualified Welding Procedures Used at RMC:


Fabrication RMC can offer but are not limited to are:

Mast & Substructure fabrication we can offer are:
– Skidding Systems
– Sling Line Equalizers
– Racking Boards
– Pony Subs
– Mousehole scabbard
– Rathole scabbard
– Mast building stands
– Block Stand
– Handrails
– Stairways

Mud Pump fabrication we can offer are:
– Mud Pump HP Ground Manifolds
– Suction Strainer Baskets

Mud System fabrication we can offer are:
– Mud Tanks with V-Crimp 800BBL, 1000BBL, 1500BBL, 2000BBL, 3000BBL, etc
– Separate hopper skids with arrangements that can use venturi and shear hoppers. Hopper skid can also include a super sack handling hoist trolley system or a knuckle boom crane with independent HPU
– Separate mud lab house to accommodate any existing mud tank system
– Telescoping centrifuge stand skids
– Flow Line

*We are capable of fabricating any rectangle or round bottom design of mud system. We can provide a standard design or can accommodate to any drilling program’s requirements. We can customize any size skid to accommodate for mud equipment accessories such as shakers, desanders, desilters, degasser, agitators, drilling fluid centrifuges and centrifugal pumps etc.

Tank fabrication we can offer are:
– Water Tank with v-crimp
– Trip Tank
– Brake Water
– Fuel Tanks

*We can build rectangle or round water tanks for almost any capacity ranging from 50BBL to 620BBL. We also offer fuel tanks in the capacity ranging from 285BBL to 620BBL. We can customize any size skid to accommodate for fuel or water accessories such as fuel centrifuges, heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps etc.

House fabrication we can offer are:
– Mechanical and Electrical Workshop
– Parts Warehouse
– Change/Parts House
– Doghouses
– Living Quarter Camps
– Welding Workshop

*These houses are built with a very sturdy v crimp to last the rugged lifetime and service of the drilling rig. The doghouses come with a porch area, handrails, sliding doors and personnel doors.

Engine Generator fabrication we can offer are:
– Skids with roofs and drain pan for the engine, generator and radiator
– Winterized enclosed skids for the engine, generator and radiator
– MCC Generator House

Fuel Related fabrication we can offer are:
– Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems

Tubular Related fabrication we can offer are:
– EZ Torque with HPU
– Pipe Racks
– Pipe Bins
– Catwalks
– V Door

*We can build pipe racks at a height of 18″, 42″ or any height required by the drilling company. Our pipe bins are long enough to hold a joint of drill pipe and load with a forklift through a pipe gate on the side. You can also stack the pipe bins if needed and secure them with a v alignment plate and pins. Catwalks can be fabricated in all lengths and heights to accommodate existing rigs.

Pressure related fabrication we can offer are:
– BOP Lifting Ring Frame 13-5/8″ or 21-1/4″ (Cameron 10K, 5K or others) *Designed to 2.0 DAF and pull tested
– Mud Gas Separator/Transport Skid (Poor-Boy)
– Choke Manifold/Transport Skid
– Closing Unit/Junk Bin Skid
– Choke Manifold Spools
– Standpipe Manifolds
– Standpipes to suit (Hydro tested and mag particle test welds)
– BOP Transport Skid with test stump
– Bell Nipple

*Mud gas separators can come in 3’x10’, 3’x20′, 4’x10’, 4’x20′ etc. When unitized on a skid it is capable of folding over on skid for transport