USA Drilling Equipment Parts

We can also offer NON-OEM or OEM replacement spare parts for oilfield drilling equipment used on Oil & Gas or Geothermal Energy drilling rigs. This service includes sourcing, purchasing and delivery for the international end user. This service provides a convenient one stop process for many of our international drilling contractor customers that do not have an office in the United States for purchasing from many of the manufacturers here in the USA for drilling equipment parts.

Our relationships we forge over time with our drilling customers are the most important to us. We believe that if we focus first on making our customer successful that we will then also be successful in return.

* We currently have procurement contracts and alliances with drilling contractors all over the world with set markups for all drilling equipment parts purchased for long term benefits for both parties. Benefits include record keeping and online documentation/certification services for each rig.

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Mud Master HPHT Pistons (Adobe 400kB)
Mud Master Shaker Screens (Adobe 340kB)

To request a quote from RMC please email: (RESPONSE IN 24HRS)

Some of the drilling equipment parts are stock and ready to ship and others can take weeks to deliver. Typical drilling equipment parts and manufacturers that can be offered are:

Auxilary Brakes – Baylor Brake, Witchita, Eaton, Oil States
Air Valves – Wabco, Rexroth
Makeup and Breakout Catheads – Foster, Torque-Tite, National, Continental Emsco, Gill Services
Brake Bands, Brake Rims, Brake Blocks
Roller Chain
Clutches – EATON Airflex, Twin Disc, Power Grip, Fawick, Gummi, Dy-A-Flex

Traction Motor Parts:
Cooling Blowers
Brush Holder
Commutator Stone
Junction Boxes
XP Lockout Device
Pressure Switch
Oilfield Hub

Baylor Brake Parts:
Control PWM-10 System
Control PWM-20 System
PWM-CL System
PWM 80A-CL Brake Control System
Drillers Control Model 7900
Drillers Control Model 7900HF, PWM & CL
Main Control Board, PWM
Power Resistor Assy, PWM
Positive Heat Sink Assy, PWM
Negative Heat Sink Assy, PWM
PCB’s – Driver, Over Current PWM-CL, Drill Assist,
SCR Sub. Assy 49000 System
Firing Circuit

Traveling Equipment:
Traveling Blocks – Oilwell, National, Continental, Ideco, Gardner Denver
Hooks – BJ Varco, Web Wilson
Swivels – National, Continental Emsco, Ideco, Oilwell (Wash pipes Alternative US Made Aftermarket – Washpipe Assy, National 649355A or 649355-A, Mission 61938641 & Harrisburg 70-106-24)
Rotary Tables – National, Continental Emsco, Ideco, Oilwell
Rotary Bowls & Bushings – OEM or Imported
Kelly Bushing – OEM or Imported

Mud Pumps:
Fluid End Parts – Gardner Denver, Mission, NOV, Southwest, Weatherford, Valves, HPHT Pistons, Rods
Fluid End Conversion Kits for 7,500 PSI w/ Strainer Cross (One piece or Two piece L shaped)
P-Quip (Kwik Rod, Kwik Clamp, Kwik Cover, Kwik Washpipe Cartridge, Kwik Clean Discharge Strainer, Kwik Seat Pull)
Power End Parts – Gardner Denver, National, Continental Emsco, Weatherford
Pulsation Dampener – Bladder, Needle Valve, Gauge & Nitrogen Charging Kits (5,000 psi or 7,500 psi)
Relief or Reset Relief Valves
Mud Gauges – 6,000, 10,000 & 15,000 Type F or D, Threaded, Flanged or 1502 hammer union connections
Belts – Gates
Charge Pumps – Mission Magnum, MCM Odrill, Forum
Suction Strainer

Power Systems:
Engines – Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins
Generators – Caterpillar, Kato, WEG
Fuel Filter Systems – Racor
Compressor Parts – Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco
Removable Muffler Heat Resistant Insulation Wrap
Low Profile Pancake Style Muffler

SCR House & Misc Electrical:
Ross Hill, IDM, Omron IDM, IPS, GE, Hill Graham
Breakers & Controls – GE, Cutler Hammer, Square D, Westinghouse, Siemens, Merlin Gerin, Allen Bradley, ITE
Modules AC or DC
Contactors – Siemens, GE
Rheostats – Hand Throttle, Foot Throttle
PCB Circuit Boards- Voltage Feedback, DC Slide, Contactor Aux, Sprocket Slip, Gen/Exciter, Ground Fault, Power Limit, Drillers Console
Meters – Crompton, Yokogawa
Transformers – Hammond
Blowers – Ross Hill
Plugs and Receptacles – Appleton, Pyle National
Lighting Fixtures – Appleton, Killark/Hubbell, Pauluhn, IRL, Rig-A-Lite, Lithonia, Snelson, NRL, Mariteam/Glamox
Ballasts – Advance, Magnetek/Universal, Bodine
Bulbs/Lamps – Philips, Sylvania, GE Lighting
Cable Glands – Appleton, BICC, Crouse Hinds, Hawk, CMP
Cable – Exane, General Cable, GEXOL, BOSTRIG
Electrical Supplies – Shipboard Type P Cable, SO Wire, Cable Trays, Cable Ties/Hangers, Start/Stops, Junction Boxes, Enclosures, Lugs

Weight Indicator, Hook Load
EB Sensor
Torque Tong Parts
Rotary Table RPM Indicator & Tachometer
Rotary Table Torque Indicator & Idler
Mud Pump Stroke Indicator
Digital Mud Pump Stroke Counter, SS
Mud Pump Pressure Indicator
Standpipe Manifold Pressure Indicator
Crown Saver Device
Pit Volume Sensors – Vega, Petron
Bentley Nevada

Mast & Substructure:
Wire Rope – Raising Lines, Drilling Line
Sheaves – Raising Sheaves, Crown Sheaves
Bearings – Timken, SKF
Seals – Clark
Racking Board Winch – Wintech, RAM Winch
Shackles – Crosby
Casing Stabbing Boards
Slingline Equilizer
Standpipe Hammer Unions & Valves
BOP Handling Hoists – Ingersoll Rand, J.D. Neuhaus
CCTV – Pelco
Leveling Jack – Simplex, Enerpac
Derrick Pins
Safety Pin (Keeper)

Top Drive:
Canrig, Varco, NOV, Tesco
Service Loops, hydraulic loop, power loop, control loop
Wash pipes Alternative US Made Aftermarket – Washpipe Assy, National 649355A or 649355-A, Mission 61938641 & Harrisburg 70-106-24

Mud System:
Centrifugal Pumps – Mission NOV, MCM O’Drill, Forum ( Bearings 6313-ZZ C/3 )
Shaker Screens – Brandt, Swaco, Derrick, Mud Master
Hammer Seal Unions 4″ thru 16″
Shakers – Swaco, Derrick, Brandt
Butterfly Valves
Vacuum Degassers
Atomspheric Degassers
Suction Strainers
Mud Gas Separators
Mud Guns
Mud Hoppers
Venturi Hopper
Shear Hopper
Mud Lab Kits – Baroid

BOP & Pressure Control:
BOP Parts – Shaffer, Cameron, Hydril
BOP Rams
BOP Elements
BOP Testing Assy
BOP Drilling Spool
BOP Double Studded Adapter
BOP Riser
BOP Mud Cross
BOP Kill Line Valve Assembly
BOP Choke Line Valve Assembly
Choke Manifold – Swaco Super Choke, Willis, CIW Gate Valve
Koomey Closing Unit – NOV, CPC, OCO Pressure
High Pressure Hoses – Vibrator, Rotary, Armored Hoses
Cement Hose
Chiksan Loops
Integral Cross
Integral Straight Elbow
Integral Tee
Integral Crossover
Integral Male Plug
Integral Female Plug
Integral Swivels 2″ or 3″
Chicksan Pup Joints with hammer unions 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi

Fuel Tanks:
Roper Pumps
Centrifuge Fuel Cleaning System – Hutchison Hayes Separation, Alfa Laval
Diesel Fuel Pump & Filtration System

Drill Floor & Handling Tools:
Pipe Spinner Parts – Blohm & Voss, Varco
Tongs Parts – BJ Varco, Blohm & Voss
Hydraulic Catheads – DRILCO’s Ezy-Torq
Drill Floor Parts – Mud Buckets, Oteco 433616
Winches – Ingersoll Rand, RAM Winch
Elevators – Varco, Blohm & Voss, Access Oil Tools
Slips – Varco, Blohm & Voss, Access Oil Tools
Bit Breakers
Elevator Links – Varco, Blohm & Voss
Safety Clamps – Varco, Blohm & Voss
Pipe Wipers
Bug Blower Fans

Rigup, Safety & Communication:
Forklift Parts – LULL, JLG, Hyster, CAT, Toyota, Gradall
Crane Parts – Groves, Manitowoc, Demag, National Crane, JLG, Lull, SkyTrak, Terex
Screw Pin Anchor Shackles
Clevis Grab Hook
Pressure Washer
Wire Rope Snake Grips
Derrick Belts
Fall Arrestors
Single and Dual Positioning Retractable Lanyards
Light Fixture Safetey Cables
Fire Pump

Gas Detection:
Sensors – Detcon, H2S, LEL
Contol Panels – Detcon
Testing Gas – Detcon

Drill Pipe Smith
Drill Pipe VAM
Drill Pipe Grant Prideco
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
Drill Collars (Slick or Spiral)
Non-Mag Collars
Fishing Tools
Lifting Subs
Lifting Caps
Cross overs
Kelly Saver Subs
Pup Joints
Kelly Valves
IBOP Valves
Kelly Spinner
Drill Bits, IADC – Smith, Hughes, Varel, Reed

Valves & Fittings:
Mud Gate Valve DM – DEMCO, MCM Odrill
Butterfly Valves – Lug Style, Wafer Style, 150 psi, 2″ thru 72″
Plug Valves – FMC, Integral 15,000 psi with 1502 hammer union connections MxF
Cast Steel Bolted Bonnet Gate Valves 150lb – 2500lb, 2″ thru 36″
Gate Valves, ASTM A216 WCB API Trim 8 & 12 available
Cast Steel API-6D Pipeline Expanding Gate Valves 300lb – 1500lb, API 6D, 2″ thru 24″
Cast Steel API-6D Pipeline Slab Gate Valves 150lb – 1500lb, API 6D, 3″ thru 24″
Threaded Ball Valves – 150 psi thru 5,000 psi, 1/4″ thru 4″
Trunnion Ball Valves – 150 ANSI thru 2500 ANSI
Full Port Trunnion Ball Valves 150lb – 2500lb, API 6D, WCB, A105, LF2, LCC & 316SS, 2″ thru 56″
Floating Ball Valves – 150 ANSI thru 2500 ANSI
Threaded Check Valves – 200 psi thru 222o psi, 3/8″ thru 4″
Flanged Check Valves – 150 ANSI thru 600 ANSI, 2″ thru 12″
Cast Steel Swing Check Valves 150lb – 2500lb, 2″ thru 36″
Needle Valves – 6,000 psi or 10,000 psi, 1/4″ thru 1″
Flanges – WN Flanges, Blind Flanges, Threaded Flanges
Weld Fittings – 90 Elbows, 45 Elbows, Caps, Tees
Bolted Sleeve (Dresser) Couplings – 2″ thru 16″ OD, 5″ thru 24″ Lengths
Rubber Flange x Flange Expansion Joints – 1.5″ thru 24″
Victaulic Couplings
Bulldog Air Grip Inflatable Tube Style Unions – 4″ thru 16″
Hammer Unions – 1″ thru 16″, Fig 100,200,206,207,211,300,301,400,402,CGC,602,1002,1003,1502,OCT
FMC Valves, Cameron FC Style Gate Valves, Vanessa Ball Valves, Anderson, Powell, Tyco
Actuation: Emerson, Fisher, Morin, Limitorque

Hoses & Fittings:
Rotary Hose – 5,000 psi, 7,500 psi with 1002 or 1502 hammer union connections (NRP Jones, MidWest, Gates, Lewis-Goetz, Copper State)
Vibrator Hose – 5,000 psi, 7,500 psi with 1002 or 1502 hammer union connections
Choke & Kill Armored Hose – 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi
BOP Armored Hoses – 3/4″ thru 1″, 5,000 psi
BOP Fire-Flex Hoses – 3/8″ thru 2″, 3,000 psi, 5,000 psi (-40F thru +212F Temp)(-40C thru +100C)
Mud Suction Hose – 4″ thru 12″
Fitting Parts – Unions, Pipe Nipples, Bushings, Plugs, Caps, Crowsfeet, Dixon, Parker
Hose Hobbles

Rope, Soap & Dope:
Manila Rope
Cotton Sash Cord
Wire Rope Clips
Wire Rope Cutter, Morse
ANCHOR Rig Wash Detergents
Oil & Lubricants – Royal Purple, Citgo, Mobile
GEARWRENCH TITAN Cathead & Spinning Chain
Hammer Wrenches
Ring Gaskets
Pipe Dope Compound – Bestolife, Jet-Lube, Zinc, Copper
Coco Mats
Packing Hook

IADC Daily Drilling Report Forms – DDR-Form-2T6 2-Tour Forms for two 12-hour shifts, month’s supply packaged in each pad (31 sets per pad) (Each carton
contains 5 pads)

Living Quarters & Camps:
Galley Equipment
Potable Water Systems
Power Generators

Cementing Chemical Products:
Silica Flour Sand (200 mesh in 50# bags and supersacks up to 2500#)
High Temp Fluid Loss Additive
Light Weight Fluid Loss
Antistatic Agent
Bonding Agents
Cement Spacers
Expansive Agents
Free Water Control
Fluid Loss Additives
Gas Migration
Loss Circulation Materials
Loss Circulation Spacers
Retarder Intensifiers
Suspension Additives
Silica Fume Alternative
Strength Enhancing Agents
Strength Stabilizers
Thixotropic Agents
Acetic Acid

Acidizing Chemical Products:
Corrosion Inhibitors
Foaming Agents – Defoamer
Non Emulsifiers – Anit Sludge NE Wetting Agents
KCl Substitutes – Clay Stabilizers
Solvent Dispersant Emulsifiers
Iron Reducing – Iron Chelation Agents
Gelling Agents Friction Reducers
Mutual Solvents
Scale Inhibitors

Production Chemical Products:
Corrosion Inhibitors
Surfactants Degreasers
Combination Products
H2S Scavengers O2 Scavengers
Foaming Agents Defoamers
Paraffin Chemicals
Scale Inhibitors

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Products:
Silica Sand
Non Emulsifiers – Anti Sludge NE Wetting Agents
Mutual Solvents
Gelling Agents Friction Reducers
Fracturing Products
Foaming Agents – Defoamer
KCl Substitutes – Clay Stabilizers
Scale Inhibitors
Solvent Dispersant Emulsifiers
Zirconium Crosslinker
High Salt Friction Reducer
Polymer Breaker
Sulfonated Asphalt
Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide – PHPA

Viscosifiers and Weighting Agents:
Attapulgite clay
Xanthan gum

Lost Circulation Materials:
Cedar fiber
Cottonseed Hulls

Filtration Reducers:
Sodium polyacrylate
Polyanionic cellulose

Basic Chemicals:
Caustic soda
Soda Ash
Sodium Bicarbonate
Calcium Carbonate

Leonardite, Lignite
Tannin-based products

Lubricants and Defoamers:
Drilling detergent
Mineral oil
Alcohol and silicone-based defoamers
Aluminum stearate

Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium
Xanthan gum biopolymer
Calcium Chloride
Chrome-free lignosulfonate
Rate of Penetration (ROP) enhancer Lubricant
Filtering agent controller (HTHP) resinated lignite
Pipe stuck free for Soak/spotting Fluid

Industrial Plant Power Generation:
Armstrong Steam traps
Power pole switches, live tank type and dead tank
Pole disconnectors
Pole switches
Step Down Transformers
Battery Banks
Trailer Engine Generator Sets
Scada monitor systems
GE Panometric Ultrasonic
GE Bentley Nevada
Hudson Fans
Siemens Circuit Switcher
Emerson Field Communicators
Hubbell Electrical Ladders
MVA Transformers
ZigZag Transformers
Vanessa Ball valves
FISHER positioners
Limitorque Actuators
Klinger gasket
Garlock Gaskets
Rosemount Transmitters
Corken Parts
Powell Valves
Phoenix Contacts