adobe_file_w BEADS (Download BEADS Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Solid lubricant Spherical glass beads (or) Co-Polymer beads

Function: Spherical beads to reduce torque & drag in Oil base mud systems.

adobe_file_w LUBE-HQ (Download LUBE-HQ Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Premium Ester base lubricant

Function: Provides a tough lubricating film between the wallcake and drillstring, imparts lubrication to the bearing surfaces, reduce torque & drag experienced in highly deviated, horizontal & extended‐reach wells. Suitable in all water base fluids and has temperature stability up to 350°F.

adobe_file_w LUBE-EP (Download LUBE-EP Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Extreme-pressure water base lubricant

Function: Effectively reduce the coefficient of friction on metal-to-metal contact area and reduces the possibility differential wall sticking.

adobe_file_w LUBE-XL (Download LUBE-XL Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Low toxicity Lubricant

Function: Effectively reduces torque, drag and the potential for differential sticking by reducing the coefficient of friction in all types of water‐base mud and salinity. Will not affect the rheological properties, may lower fluid loss and has temperature stability upto 400°F (204°C).

adobe_file_w LUBE-G (Download LUBE-G Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Unique metal-wetting & water dispersible lubricant

Function: Provides excellent metal-wetting characteristic which lowers the potential for bit & BHA balling and decreases the coefficient of friction which reduces torque and drag. Contains no hydrocarbons and can be used in all water‐base fluids.

adobe_file_w SILIC-LUBE (Download SILIC-LUBE Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Lubricant for SILICATE system

Function: Reduces torque, drag and the potential for differential sticking by reducing the coefficient of friction in silicate mud system.

adobe_file_w LUBE-RG (Download LUBE-RG Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Fatty esters and specialities based environemental friendly lubricant

Function: Provides excellent reduction in torque and drag issues in highly tortuous long reach wells, will not damage delicate production zones, increases penetration rates, prevents bit balling and differentially stuck pipe. Improves the overall API and HTHP fluid loss behaviors of the drilling fluid with no negative effects on the fluids rheology.

adobe_file_w LUBE-SAFE (Download LUBE-SAFE Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Water soluble brine lubricant

Function: Provides exceptional reduction in metal-to-metal friction when added to seawater, sodium chloride, sodium bromide, calcium chloride and calcium bromide completion fluids. Reduce torque and drag in high-angle, extended-reach wells.

adobe_file_w DRIL-L (Download DRILL-L Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Rate of Penetration (ROP) enhancer

Function: Improves the ROP in water base mud system by removing buildup of drill solids below the bit and allowing the cutter to make continuous contact with new formation, improves bit life & lowers torque and drag.

adobe_file_w MIX (Download MIX Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Liquid Asphalt for differential sticking prevention

Function: Stabilize water‐sensitive, micro‐fractured shales when drilling with water‐base drilling fluids by sealing micro‐fractures, reduces API, HTHP, dynamic fluid loss and the potential for differential sticking. Improves lubricity and shale inhibition by reducing accretion from sticky clays. Combat seepage losses in conjunction with fibrous materials and calcium carbonate. Temperature stability is up to 425°F (218°C).