Lost Circulation Materials


adobe_file_w LOSS-PLUS (Download LOSS-PLUS Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Micronized Cellulose fiber

Function: Bridging and sealing permeable formations in water/oil/synthetic base fluids. It is particularly useful for preventing differentially pipe when drilling depleted zones where high differential pressures exist. Available in Fine, Medium & coarse grades.

adobe_file_w MICA (Download MICA Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Sized Grade of Mica

Function: Flake LCM for seepage losses and prevention. It is used for preventing or curing formation losses while drilling fractured or porous zones. Available in Fine, Medium & coarse grades.

adobe_file_w PLUG (Download PLUG Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Ground nut shells

Function: Granular Lost circulation material.

adobe_file_w BRIDGE (Download BRIDGE Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Granular Graphite

Function: Chemically inert and thermally stable, effective bridging and sealing agent used in water, oil or synthetic based drilling fluid. Can lower the potential for stuck pipe, control lost circulation and reduce torque and drag.

adobe_file_w BRIDGE-PLUS (Download BRIDGE PLUS Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Granular Graphite/ Coke blend

Function: Chemically inert, sized plugging agent used to bridge and seal porous and fractured formations in water, oil or synthetic based drilling fluid. Can lower the potential for stuck pipe, control seepage, partial and severe lost circulation and reduce torque and drag.

adobe_file_w SEAL (Download SEAL Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Blend of fibrous, flaky & granular LCM

Function: Mixture of selected non-abrasive granular, flake and fibrous material with a unique physical structure and an extensive range of particle size that enhances its bridging properties. It very effective to combat severe lost circulation for water base mud. Will function at all temperatures.

adobe_file_w COTTONSEED-HULLS (Download COTTONSEED HULLS Technical Data Sheet)

Description: For all type of Lost circulations

Function: Fibrous, biodegradable material, an excellent bridging agent when large‐particle‐size material is needed. Can be used in any water‐base mud system.

adobe_file_w DIATOMACEOUS-EARTH (Download DIATOMACEOUS EARTH Technical Data Sheet)

Description: Diatomaceous earth blend for preparing soft plugs for severe lost circulation

Function: Highly effective, high-fluid-loss lost circulation squeeze material. Creates a seal in the loss zone, effective in both water-based and oil-based mud applications.