Drilling Fluid & Completion Additives

Rig Manufacturing is an international supplier of drilling fluid additives for the oil & gas drilling industry as well as for geothermal drilling applications worldwide. Our products are supported by lab personnel for any custom drilling program needs to help make our customers drilling operations successful.

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Weighting Materials:
Barite BaSO4, SG-4.0
Barite BaSO4, SG-4.1
Barite BaSO4, SG-4.2
Hematite, meets API specifications 13A section 8
Ground marble (calcium carbonate)
Ground Limestone (calcium carbonate)

Filtration Control Agents:
Resin Modified Lignite
Preserved modified starch, Pregelatinized Starch
High Temp Preserved modified starch, Pregelatinized Starch
Modified Natural Polymer, Carboxy methyl starch
Non ionic, cross-linked Starch for HTHP applications
Polysaccharide derivative to control filtration in Mixed Metal Oxide system
Sodium Carboxy methyl cellulose Low viscosity
Sodium Carboxy methyl cellulose High viscosity
Polyanionic cellulose-Low viscosity
Polyanionic cellulose – Super Low viscosity
Polyanionic cellulose Regular Viscosity grade
High-quality, Medium Purity Polyanaionic cellulose, Low viscosity
High-quality Medium Purity polyanaionic cellulose, Regular viscosity
Syntheric polymer High temperature/High salinity Fluid loss controller
Modified Starch for divalent drilling fluid system applications
Specially processes blend of Polysaccharide derivative

Sodium Bentonite, meets API specifications 13A section 9
Non treated Bentonite, meets API specifications 13A section 10
Gaur Gum, Viscosity & Fluid loss control in low solids mud
Primary viscosifying polymer. Xanthan Gum
Primary viscosifying polymer. Highly dispersible bio polymer. Xanthan Gum
Liquified xanthan gum, non-clarified
Attapulgite clay, meets API specifications 13A section 12
Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose polymer

Lost Circulation Materials:
Micronized Cellulose fibre
Sized Grade of Mica
Ground nut shells
Granular Graphite
Granular Graphite/ Coke blend
Blend of fibrous, flaky & granular LCM
Cotton See Hulls
Diatomaceous earth blend for preparing soft plugs for severe lost circulation

Thinners and Dispersants:
Polymeric temperature stabilizer
Resinated Lignite Complex
Ground lignite
Caustilized lignite
Chrome lignite, sodium hydroxide, neutralized
Ferrochrome lignosulfonate, Chrome lignosulfonate
Chrome-free lignosulfonate, Environmentally acceptable thinner

Shale Inhibitors & Flocculants:
Broad-Cloud-Point, general-purpose polyglycol for low-salinity fluids and low temperatures
Polyglycol for high-salinity fluids and high temperatures
Low-Cloud-Point polyglycol for low-salinity fluids and low temperatures
Medium-Cloud-Point polyglycol for moderate-salinity fluids and high temperatures
Liquid Sodium-Silicate
Potassium Silicate
Dry PHPA polymer
Liquid PHPA
Readily dispersible PHPA Powder
Sulfonated Asphalt
Sulfonated Asphalt Supreme
Poly amino acid hydration suppressant

Biocides & Scavengers:
Biocide Triazine base, Available in 50% & 78% active content
Biocide Amine base, Quartenary Ammonium compounds
Biocide Gluteraldehyde base
Organic H2S scavenger, Triazine base
H2S scavenger Glyoxal base
BiSulfite-base oxygen scavenger
Sulfite-based oxygen scavenger powder
Sodium Erythorbate base oxygen scavenger
ZINC OXIDE material reacts with sulfides to form ZnS

Defoamers & Foamers:
Alcohol-base defoamer
Silicone-base defoamer
Polyether Poyol based defoamer
Foaming Agent Powder
Foaming Agent Liquid

Solid lubricant Spherical glass beads (or) Co-Polymer beads
Premium Ester base lubricant
Extreme-pressure water base lubricant
Low toxicity Lubricant
Unique metal-wetting & water dispersible lubricant
Lubricant for SILICATE system
Fatty esters and specialities based environemental friendly lubricant
Water soluble brine lubricant
Rate of Penetration (ROP) enhancer
Liquid Asphalt for differential sticking prevention

Surfactants & Spotting Fluids:
Surface tension reducer to prevent balling, drop sand & emulsify oil
Stuck pipe liberator, Unweighted
Weightable stuck pipe liberator, Liquid One-drum spotting Fluid
Environmentally acceptable Low Toxicity Stuck pipe Liberator/Spotting fluid
Powder Spotting fluid, Stuck pipe liberator, sack concentrate

Oil Base Mud Products:
Organophilic clay, Viscosifier and gelling agent
Amine-treated lignite, HT filtration control Additive
Asphaltic resin, Filtration control Additive
Blend of Lignite & Asphaltic resin for HTHP filtration control
Amine-treated tannin-Quebracho, HT  filtration control additive for OBM & SBM
Primary Emulsifier & Wetting Agent
Secondary Emulsifier
Non TOFA base multi purpose Emulsifier
Highly concentrated high temperature stable primary emulsifier
Highly concentrated high temperature stable secondary emulsifier
Oil mud thinner for reducing the viscosity  & gel strength
Rheological modifier to increase LSRV, yield point, gel strength & carrying capacity
Polymeric viscosifier for increasing yield point & gel strength with minimal plastic viscosity
Oil wetting agent for improving oil wetting of solids & emulsion stability

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors:
Water soluble Film forming amine corrosion inhibitor used for drilling
Film forming amine corrosion inhibitor used for drilling, Oil soluble & water dispersible
General-use, all purpose water soluble Potassium salt-base inhibitor
Phosphonate base Scale Inhibitor, inhibits scaling caused by calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate
Amine corrosion inhibitor (15-20%) for clear completion/ Packer brines
Amine corrosion inhibitor (30-35%) for clear completion/ Packer brines
General-use, all purpose water soluble organo phosphorus-base inhibitor
Filming amine type inhibitor for mono and divalent brines
Low toxicity amine based corrosion inhibitor

Workover, Completion & Drill in Products:
Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose
Liquid Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose
Modified Starch derivative, cross linked Non-Ionic
Premium grade clarified Xanthan gum
Sodium Bromide
High-quality polyanaionic cellulose Regular viscosity
Calcium Bromide Liquid, used for mixing high density, solids free completion brines
Amine corrosion inhibitor (15-20%) for clear completion/ Packer brines
Amine corrosion inhibitor (30-35%) for clear completion/ Packer brines
Calcium Carbonate Flakes
Ground marble (calcium carbonate)
Water soluble brine lubricant
Mud cake clean up solvent
Potassium Formate brine
Pulverized Silica Flour (Sand) 200 Mesh

Commercial Chemicals:
Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) powder is single salt used as soluble weighting agent and source of calcium
CaCO3 is Acid Soluble weighting or bridging agent
Sized Calcium Carbonate
Sodium hydroxide to control pH
Gypsum (Calcium sulfate (CaSO42H2O)) to treat carbonate contamination in high pH mud
Calcium Hydroxide for Alkalinity control & bicarbonate contamination. Primary invert emulsion mud component
Calcium Oxide
KCl, Potassium Chloride
KOH, Caustic Potash, Potassium Hydroxide
Potassium Iodide used as a tracer in water base Mud
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (Na2H2P2O7) is an effective dispersant and protect against cement contamination
Soda Ash, Sodium carbonate to treat Ca ion out in makeup water and to remove Calcium Contamination particularly due to Anhydrite
Magnesium Oxide, Anhydrous
NaCl for weight up and Salt Saturated System
Sodium Chromate, Na2CrO4, sodium salt in which chromium atoms are in the plus-6 valence state
Sodium Dichromate, Na2Cr2O7, sodium salt in which chromium atoms are in the plus-7 valence state
Sodium Nitrate, Long term tracer
Zinc Bromide Liquid, used for mixing high density, solids free completion brines
Citric Acid for Cement Contamination
Sodium bicarbonate to remove calcium

Oilfield Cementing Additives & Chemicals:
Silica Flour Sand 230° to 400°F (Geothermal Energy Wells)
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Citric Acid
Sodium bicarbonate
Synthetic Polymer 140° to 300°F
Dispersant/friction reducer 100°F to 400°F
Liquid lignosulfonate cement retarder 200°F to 320°F