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New NOV Surplus Equipment & Parts located in Texas. See below part numbers and detailed information next to each picture. For pricing email:


Descriptions Below:

Barksdale Valve, 1” 3KPSI, Valve, Control;Directional;Max 3000 psi;Conn 1 Female NPTF -4;Conn 2 Female NPTF, QUANTITY: 200 PART NO: 10022776-001
Mud Pump Fluid Dampener/Stabilizer;Pulsation Dampener, K20-7500;DNV;7500 PSI, QUANTITY: 23 PART NO: 10090343-001
Motor AC Electric;1150 HP;600 V;60 Hz;No Certification Specified;1800;Left-hand Side;Ph 3, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10670761-022
Motor AC Electric;1150 HP;690 V;50/60 Hz;see GE checklist;800;Left-hand Side, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10670761-033
12-P-160 Rod Connecting Mud Pumps 12-P-160, QUANTITY: 30 PART NO: 10017594-001
Motor AC Electric;1500 HP;600 V;Variable Frequency;Standard Certification;1200, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10621698-001
Motor, AC Electric;1150 HP;690 V;50/60 Hz;see GE checklist;800 RPM(rev/min);J-Box Right-hand Side, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10670762-029
Motor;CM628TUT-120BLTS;600-690 V;1230 HP;830 RPM(rev/min);42 Hz;IP45, , QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10504038-001
Motor AC Electric;150 HP;460 V;60 Hz;ABS;1185;447TSC;Left-hand Side, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10640172-001
Motor, DC Electric;1130 HP;Shunt-wound;750 V;1040 RPM(rev/min);5905 Ft-lb;J-Box Left-hand Side;Marine, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10677864-007
Shaft, Proprietary;Crank, Assembly;Max OD 13.132 in;L 61.403 in;Mud Pumps;9-P-100, QUANTITY: 6 PART NO: 10536924-001
Pump, Proprietary;General, Standard Fluid End/Cross/Lsnoi Dampener;Mud Pumps;FD-1600;BOM, QUANTITY: 45 PART NO: 10003594-001
Manifold, Proprietary;Strainer BLock Studded Cross Assembly;Mud Pumps;FB-1600;7500 Psi, PART NO: 10677864-007
Crankshaft;Forged;Mud Pumps;A-1700-PT;Matl Steel, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10016449-001
Guard;Left Hand Belt, Osha Sty;e;Mud Pumps;FB-1600;BOM, QUANTITY: 19 PART NO: 10004982-001
Hydraulic Power Unit, Complete;TDH-150 HPU;HPU, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10854850-001
Manifold, Proprietary;Suction Triple Inlet, Tubular, Weldment;Mud Pumps;9-P-100;Matl Steel, QUANTITY: 38 PART NO: 10017991-001
Rotary Table, Complete;D-375;Table & Accessories, 2000 HP, CE/ATEX Rig;CE/ATEX Rig;146591 Rev 2;208871;120451;01-807-574, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10607454-001
Crankshaft;Forged;Mud Pumps;10-P-130;Matl AISI A4145 Steel Forging, QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10534646-001
Manifold, Proprietary;Suction Triplex Inlet;Mud Pumps;10-P-130;70.500in;Matl ASTM A36 Steel;Diameter 10.750in, QUANTITY: 46 PART NO: 10021590-001
Bail, Proprietary;Swivel;Overhead/Traveling Equipment;P-500;L 55.25 in, QUANTITY: 6 PART NO: 10038694-001
Block, Proprietary;Hook, Assembly;Overhead/Traveling Equipment;540-G-250;BOM, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10045772-001
Module, Fluid End;Premium Stud Discharge;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;7500 PSI;Matl Module, QUANTITY: 15 PART NO: 10521345-001
Module, Fluid End;Premium Studded Discharge, DNV;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;7500 PSI;Matl Steel, QUANTITY: 10 PART NO: 10061790-001
Stabilizer, Proprietary;Assembly, Suction Mattco CSSM060T;Mud Pumps;14-P-220, QUANTITY: 10 PART NO: 10644533-003
Filter, Proprietary;Assembly, 10” X 10”, Suction Strainer;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;BOM, QUANTITY: 18, PART NO: 10061613-001
Pipe Fitting, Proprietary;Cross;Studded, Inlay;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;Matl Assembly;DNV, QUANTITY: 7 PART NO: 10061979-001
Cross, Proprietary;Assembly, Complete Strainer 3 Studded Sides;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;5”-10,000#, QUANTITY: 6 PART NO: 10913106-001
Manifold, Proprietary;Discharge, DNV Certification;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;Matl Steel, QUANTITY: 8 PART NO: 10061551-001
Motor Accessory;GEB22D 690/60/3PH CLC SYS. LH;DNV, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10090532-001
Pump Accessory;Liner Retention SystemQUANTITY: 23 PART NO: 10048009-001
Module, Fluid End;Complete, Less Valve, ABS+CS;Mud Pumps;14-P-220;7500 PSI;Matl Steel, QUANTITY: 13 PART NO: 10061784-001
Brake, Proprietary;36 in Deck Mount Wichita;Drawworks Brakes;EDS, QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10030309-002
Bearing, Plain;Solid Sleeve Bushing;ID 48.819 in;OD 60.63 in;W 5.512 in;Matl Steel, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10034164-001
Drawworks, Complete;DSGD-375-1500-28-56-12L-8H;General Assembly, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10629630-001
Pipe Ram Assembly;13-10M LXT;PipeSiz CSO;Cert Standard;SVC Standard;+NN, Use with with 13” 10M LXT BOP, QUANTITY: 18 PART NO: 10626085-001
BOP (BLOW OUT PREVENTER), BOP Assembly;BOP ASSY- 13-10M, DBL, LXT;Flange x Flange;Flanged x 4-1/16 x 10M;SST;Crep 7;Standard;T,20, Cross Part No.: 20080136; Note: needs reseal and test;, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10900070-001
BOP (BLOW OUT PREVENTER), SBOP Assembly;13-05M,BOLTED,STD;S (05M);X F (10M);0;T-20,CREP 3,COATING-EVERS- LICK;API RG;SQ, Cross Part No.: 152461; Note: needs reseal and test; Customers:, QUANTITY: 11 PART NO: 10624193-001
Power Slip;PS21;For National;37.1/2”;Range;2.3/8” – 14”;Rating 500 sTon / 453.6 tonne;PSL API 7K, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10023498-001
Manual Tong;HT100;Range 4” – 17”;Less Lug Jaws;PSL API 7K, QUANTITY: 27 PART NO: 10022158-001
Pipe Ram Assembly;13-10M LXT;PipeSiz 5.000 in;Cert Standard;SVC Standard, Cross Part No.: 20034989, QUANTITY: 32 PART NO: 10626094-001
BOP Assembly;BOP ASSY- 13-10M, SGL, LXT;Flange x Flange;Flanged x 4-1/16 x 10M;SST;Crep 7;Standard;T,20, Cross Part No.: 20080439; Note: needs reseal and test; QUANTITY: 7 PART NO: 10633377-001
Pipe Handling;STV;NOV;Rig IDEAL, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10738118-001
Block, Proprietary;Carriage, Block Assembly;Top Drives;TDS-11SH;500 Ton 6 Sheave, QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10671949-001
Cylinder Assembly;Hydraulic,Telescopic;Barrel 15 in;Stroke 314 in;API;Land Rigs;IDEAL I;Rod Dia 9.375 in, QUANTITY: 22 PART NO: 10855216-001
Cylinder Assembly;Hydraulic,Telescopic;Barrel 15.5 in;Stroke 492 in;API;Land Rigs;IDEAL I;Rod Dia 8.95 in, QUANTITY: 17 PART NO: 10855223-001
NOV;RADIATOR ASSY,55C,W/SCOOP;Use On Land Rigs, Drilling, QUANTITY: 49 PART NO: 10177355-001
Elevator;BX4-35;2.3/8” – 7.1/4”;-;Rating 350 sTon / 317.5 tonne;Bore- N/A;Hydraulic Operated;PSL API 8C PSL1, QUANTITY: 13 PART NO: 10457625-001
Hydraulic Power Unit, Complete;HE100-2-150VHP-D174-130V-1300G-AC;HPU COMPLETE IDEAL PRIME WITH COOLING KIT, Hydraulic Power Unit, Complete;HE100-2-150VHP-D174-130V-1300G-AC;HPU COMPLETE IDEAL PRIME WITH COOLING KIT
Tank/Reservoir Accessory;Poor Boy Degasser;Trip TankQUANTITY: 8 PART NO: 10165588-001
Insert Carrier;10.3/4”;For PS21/PS30;Set;Rating 500 sTon / 453.6 tonne;PSL API 7K;FOR 10.3/4” Slip Body, QUANTITY: 22 PART NO: 10023510-004
Cylinder Assembly;Hydraulic,Flange Mount;Barrel 18 in;Stroke 8 in;Not Certified;Rig Movers;STEEL TOE 1200;Rod Dia 10.236, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10652434-001
Caterpillar 3512C, , RAILS, F/I GEN & RADIAT;Use On Land Rigs, Drilling, QUANTITY: 9 PART NO: 10142686-001
Mud Pump, Complete;F-1000;Pump Complete;Shell Upstream Ameri- ca;145343-2;01-805-1203;510,511
Hydraulic Power Unit, Complete;TDS-150/5C Mobile Rigs;Accumulator, Electrical Remote Panel;184.000 x 72.000in Skid, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10644181-001
Compressor, Air;Engine Mounted, Direct Drive;182 SCFM;Motor 40 HP, QUANTITY: 6 PART NO: 11025839-001
13” 10M LXT pipe rams (CSO), Pipe Ram Assembly;11-3/5M LXT;PipeSiz CSO;Cert Standard;SVC Standard, QUANTITY: 3 PART NO: 10644181-001
Manual Tong;HT65;Range 3.1/2” – 17”;Less Lug Jaws;PSL API 7K, QUANTITY: 26 PART NO: 10022865-001
Shaft, Proprietary;Piston, 9-3M LXT + NN;Max OD 4.996 in;L 16.72 in;Blow Out Preventers, QUANTITY: 141 PART NO: 10392080-001
Diesel Engine, Proprietary;COLD START DIESEL ENGIN W/RECIPROCATING BASIC PUMP; Cyl 2;Straight;25 HP;Land Rigs;IDEAL PRIME, QUANTITY: 8 PART NO: 11028725-001
Power Swivel;S-250;S2 Motors on Top, just the S250 Power Swivel Head, not the complete assy. QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10361935-001
Triplex Pump Assembly 30 HP, Pump, Fluid Transfer;Piston/Plunger;Inlet Female NPTF -24;Outlet Female NPTF -24;WP Max 3000 psi;EX PRF;30 HP;1800 RPM, QUANTITY: 13 PART NO: 10645953-001
HP-35S HPU. 40 Hp, 575V, 60Hz, 40gpm@2500psi, 100gal. Small footprint., Hydraulic Power Unit, Complete;HP-35S/Config;HPU, HP-35SQUANTITY: 6 PART NO: 10113671-001
7” 5M LXT studded double, BOP Assembly;BOP ASSY- 7-5M, DBL, LXT;Stud x Stud;Studded x 2-1/16 x 5M;No Inlay;Crep 2;Standard;T,20, QUANTITY: 9 PART NO: 10359250-001
Motor AC Electric;1150 HP;587 V;Variable Frequency;ATEX;1800, GE-TDX-1000 Motor, QUANTITY: 5 PART NO: 10479633-001
Complete TDS-11SA drive house, Assembly;VFD-TDS11;600V;60HZ;W/SBCDUAL HVAC;L 174 x H 91 x W 84, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 11464201-001
7” 5M LXT studded double, BOP Assembly;BOP ASSY- 7-5M, DBL, LXT;Stud x Stud;Studded x 2-1/16 x 5M;CRA;Crep 1;Standard;T,20, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10682873-001
TDH-150 hose reel with hoses, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 11368033-001
Complete 11SH house, Power System;AC Power System;VFD-800;No Certification;TDS-11SH;NOV-ORANGE;Land, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 16550818-001
Casing Module for ST-160, Component, Iron Roughneck;ASSEMBLY, CASING MODULE;ST-160C;McCoy, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10477364-004
Generator 4160v, 3850kW, Generator;S855YNV-643;4160 V;900 RPM(rev/min);60 Hz;0.70;Ph 3;3580 KW, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10009605-001
Rebuilt/Refurbished;R/B, Assy Brake 7838 STD SFT Rebuilt;Drawworks Brakes;7838;31591, QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10003805-001
Brake, Eddy Current;5250;Highspeed Shaft;Reverse J-Box Location;FM Approval;Standard, Magnet OD Size;Poly Bondex Insulation, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10003781-001
Motor;CM628TUT-120AL;600-690 V;1230 HP;830 RPM(rev/min);60 Hz;IP44;Induction, Squirrel Cage Motor, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10012836-001
HMI;Color;15 in;120VAC;USB;1GB;Intel Pentium M 1.8GHZ1GB;Glass – On – Glass Resistive, Touchscreen, QUANTITY: 63 PART NO: 10717313-001
Brake, Eddy Current;7040;Standard Shaft;Standard J-Box Location;FM Approval;Standard, Magnet OD Size;Poly Bondex Insulati, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10003778-001
Generator;S637WUT-666;600 V;1200 RPM(rev/min);60 Hz;0.80;Ph 3;1720 KW, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10525892-001
Motor;DM27AVTBG-0N0N0N;600-690 V;1150 HP;800 RPM(rev/min);42 Hz;IP44, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10506428-001
Rebuilt/Refurbished;Assembly, Brake Standard Sft;Drawworks Brakes;6032;R/B31590QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10027332-001
Motor;DM27ARTAR-4N1B2N;600-690 V;1150 HP;800 RPM(rev/min);40.6 Hz;IP23;Induction, Squirrel Cage Motor, QUANTITY: 1 PART NO: 10546303-001
Circuit Breaker;AF 4000;AT 4000;690 V;KAIC 100;3 Poles;Withdrawable (Draw Out);Electronic-LSI, QUANTITY: 16 PART NO: 11029386-021
Motor Control Center (MCC);NEMA;Wye 3PH/3WIRE;Line Lugs;480V/60Hz;1200A;42KA;-Section 10, QUANTITY: 2 PART NO: 10786392-001
Braking Resistor Assembly;1200KW Resistor Bank,0.97Ohm(12HP,600VAC,600HZ);-40C TO 55C, RATING,CSA COMPONENTS, QUANTITY: 15 PART NO: 10825105-001
Transformer, Three Phase;Power;VA 1112500;Delta;Primary 600 V;Secd 480 V;Delta-Wye;Tap 2@+/- 2.5%QUANTITY: 10 PART NO: 11316819-001
Switch, Disconnect;Non-Fusible;AF 2500;1000 V;Pole 4;IntRatg 55 KA;Fixed;10, QUANTITY: 4 PART NO: 10525632-001
ACS 800 modules, liquid cooled, Inverter;Water Cooled;560 KW;690 V;583 A;ACS 800 Water Cooled;DV/DT Output Filters, Fan Kit; Unit Can Be Paralle;Electro, QUANTITY: 8 PART NO: 10066024-001

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